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5 2748

#549 Suspicious Minds

With a little sleep now in me, I remember what I was going to talk about last comic. I'll be sending out original comic sketches to ALL my supporters on Patreon. So those of you on the lower tier, make sure you have an address on file. I'll be sending them out throughout the week. I got a couple of cast questions ready to go. This is the last week for the questions to get them done and posted for the week I'll be gone. I might even have extra questions ready for another time, so don't feel bad if I don't use all of them this time.

5 thoughts on “#549 Suspicious Minds

  1. well that is certainly an unexpected development

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      I like unexpected developments. Interesting stories come from them…

  2. Wow, Mark. When Mrs. McKrakkin is worried about you, don’t you think you should take notice? I had no idea she had it in her, but I find it incredibly cool that she is showing concern. Take heed, Mark. 😉

    Speaking of cast questions:

    Mark – What did you think of the Green Man, or do you remember the encounter at all?

    Emrys – Who’s your favorite comic artist/writer and how much has it influenced your own work?

    Beth – Besides drinking and hanging out with friends, what do you like to do? What would you like to do, both as a job/career or with your spare time?

    Jeff – Why are you the voice of reason??? What’s wrong with these people? 😀

    JoJo – What do you like to do outside of work? How’d you meet and befreid your neighbor, Annabel? Also, don’t hookup with Mark again. Decent guy, but right now he’s toxic and needs to clear his head. Besides aren’t you already in a relationship with Robby?

    Shannon – Seriously? Dave? He’s about as deep as a teaspoon of water. And what’s with the “nose candy”, young lady! You keep that up and you’ll end up looking like Mrs. McKrakkin, or worse. 😛

    Devon – Have you and Annabel had any discussions about your faith/religion? Did you ever mention Drake?

    Annabel – What’re your favorite TV shows? Any British classics, or do you even watch television? Do you have an opinion on American entertainment in general that you’d like to share?

    Mateo – So, pro musician seems to be a path in front of you. Do you want do it as a living, or is it just fun and something you’d like to do in addition to something else?

    Dave – Why are you such a tool? 😉 Seriously though, don’t your current activities bore you sometimes? What would you like to do for a living?

    Mrs. McKrakkin – What do you REALLY think of Stephanie?

    1. I almost forgot!

      Mr. Lapooza – What kind of wine do you prefer to drink? If you’re a wine connoisseur, why not run a wine shop instead of a quickie mart?

      Kat – What do you think of your regulars? Do you hear way too many conversations that you wish you hadn’t, but can’t forget (thinking of Dave and Jeff in particular)?

      Abagail – What was Shannon like as a child? Has she always been so headstrong?

      Tony – You suck. I’m glad Beth dumped your cheating ass. Stay gone, you wanker. 😛

      1. bohemiannightsthecomic

        There are great. Lots of good ideas from these.
        If I don’t use them all this time, I’ll keep them around for use on a later date.
        Thank you.

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