19 2312

19 2312

#555 Five Fifty Five


19 thoughts on “#555 Five Fifty Five

  1. Well, that sure was unexpected.

    US Cops living up to their reputation – always a nice thing to see. /irony

  2. A stern reminder of what is happening

  3. Over escalation of situations.. the “Warior Cop” mentality..
    This does not bode well for Mark.. I do hope he makes it..

  4. Bodes poorly for Mark indeed. And another example of how cops are held to a looser, lower standard than the rest of us. (Look it up: military deployed to a war zone have stricter rules on when they can open fire than US cops do.)

  5. unexpected, and unfortunately a fact of life for many minorities – – we need better training and higher standards to become a police officer

  6. Welp. I guess you’re not interested in doing stories with Mark any more.

    I’m not sure what you want us to say. This is a little too much realism, and it feels like you just killed off a black character to be edgy. I’m not saying I’m going to stop reading, I just am not sure where you want to go with this, other than to make the rest of your cast very unhappy.

  7. Yikes! I hope you plan on having the Green Man do something magical here, because this just does not sit well with me. I know there are plenty of stories in the news about police shootings and it’s a hot topic, but this feels a bit forced. Hopefully the following pages will help clarify the situation.

  8. bohemiannightsthecomic

    The decision to do this storyline was not made lightly nor was it out of the blue. It’s been on the back burner for almost a year.
    But I’ll go into more detail in a couple of posts (Next Monday) and fill all of you on my thought process.
    Till then…

  9. Obviously, the liberal media’s false portrayal of reality makes an appearance here. The stop was not dictated by the situation, nor was the reaction. There was never a threat to respond to. This entire panel was the (re)creation of a media narrative that isn’t true. Look at the facts, first. However, that said, this is a comic strip to the extent that, you the creator, wish to convey certain attitudes and viewpoints that is your right.

    1. I’m glad you never had the police wrongly racially profile you. I’m saddened that you can’t see what happens beyond your own world. It’s easy to deny something if you choose to look the other way.

      1. agree completely, nothing to do with liberal media, profiling happens all the time, I have seen it, and I am an old white guy

    2. I too am an old white guy. However, I am smart enough to look beyond the color of one’s skin. Racial profiling (when applied appropriately) is good police work. Stopping grandmothers when the perpetrator is a young male is stupid, lazy and irresponsible. I do not deny there are a few bad apples in any line of work. But to take those bad apples and hold them up as the “truth” by the media, is a serious offence that is ignored by people who refuse to consort with facts. The largest cause of death of black men is other black men, not the police………..

      1. I agree that it’s not the leading cause of black deaths, but a disproportionate amount of minority groups are increasingly targeted in this way.

        Something doesn’t have to be the most prevalent to be the most egregious.

        1. Allen, I appreciate your point of view. Egregious is correct, prevalence (or lack thereof) is also correct. Your comment about “increasingly” is misguided, in fact. It is actually decreasing, because of the “issue”. Cops that i know are very nervous about any stop that may end up with their careers in the toilet driven by a false narrative. The issue is being blown out of proportion by ignoring other facts to the extent that the “readership/viewership” is purposefully? misled….

          The fact is that minority groups are also disproportionately the causes of crime. Most of their “leaders” do not care, but continue to perpetuate the myth that they (the minority groups) are not (personally) responsible for their behavior, actions and the results of those actions….Each (All) of us are, personally responsible for our behaviors….regardless of color, creed, biology, gender, or sexual preference.

        2. Speaking of myths, let’s address the one about the level of danger in a career in police work. Driving a taxi is far more dangerous than police work, as are most jobs in construction. The complete list is lengthy and includes many jobs where we would ridicule a demand for veneration. Why cops then?

          They insist on it. Demand it. Will not allow you to go without submitting to it. Contempt of cop is a capital offense anyplace away from public scrutiny.
          But do enjoy spreading quasi-AB myths about others, and you know who “others” are I’m sure. You surely saw that the behavior of Mark warrented no such assassination. I’d certainly like to see your behavior in the position of a young black man so confronted and treated.

          Since we are all responsible for our actions I would expect that YOU will support the immediate arrest, trial, and conviction of these two killers and their subsequent life sentences without any chance of parole.

          Or maybe not…

    3. Black men are far more likely to be stopped for “resembling a suspect” than white men. When NYC’s stop and frisk was a thing, black men were stopped much more frequently than white men. Despite identical levels of usage, black men are far more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white men (indicating a higher level of police interaction).

      And yes, some of those individuals get shot. I.E. Philando Castile was a legal gun owner who was stopped because he “resembled a suspect”. To claim that this is entirely a “liberal media narrative” is, simply, wrong.

  10. I…*really* don’t know how to feel about this particular strip right now. It’s a shock, definitely. I’m on the fence about whether or not I want to know what happens.

  11. Sadly, this is still true to life. Look what just happened in Michigan.

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