5 2058

5 2058

#560 No Denying

Wow, I got a ton of artwork to finish in a weeks time, all of it only partially started on. But with luck I'll have both Greenman and the NSFW Bohemian Nights "Midnight edition" available for Patreons sometime next week...as well as this comic...as well as two or three other projects I really need to do... Who says I need sleep, right?

5 thoughts on “#560 No Denying

  1. Good luck with the workload, and remember you need sleep to do certain things safely, like operating heavy machinery (driving), power tools (phones) and walking. 😉

  2. I know you took a big chance going in this direction with the story, but I think its really working and will open up a lot of opportunities

  3. Handled with sensitivity and class..This is a very emotional time when such devastating news for friends and family is fresh in their minds..often this translates into activism when the loss of life was caused by injustice.

  4. Really well done. My man!

  5. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Thank you all. This restores my faith that I’m following the right path with the comic. I appreciate your support and the support of all those who continue to read the comic whether you comment or not. Thank you.

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