Off to Rose City this weekend. If you’re in or around Portland OR. this weekend, please come on by. I’ll have all the usual stuff…comics…drinking game…yada yada yada… Artist Alley…yada yada yada…Table E3….

I’ll also take all artist submissions. Now’s the time for that one-of-a-kind picture you’ve been dying for. (Or at least living mildly uncomfortably for).


The BIG news is I’ll also have the 3rd issue of the Deflectors, hot off the presses. Come get your debut issue! But if you can’t make it, it will be available at the Bohemian Nights Storenvy storefront as well as a few select comic shops down in Southern California (to be named soon). $5 or more Patreons of this comic will also receive a free comic in the mail as well.

And If I don’t catch you this time around, I’ll also be in Tacoma WA., Nov. 3-4 for Jet City sitting with the actual Defectors Artist (and good friend) Andy MacPhee. Both of us will be signing copies and taking art submissions and drinking heavily.