#631 Hard Questions

4 thoughts on “#631 Hard Questions

  1. There goes Jeff again! 😀 And is JoJo just joking, or is she serious? Time will tell, eh?

    It’s nice to see Beth and Emrys finally having a chance to talk, because it definitely agrees with them. Amidst all the recent chaos in their lives, the group still remembers how to just *be* when they’re together, and that’s not something everyone has in their life. Friends are important, but good friends like these seem to be, those are truly special.

  2. Great page, Emrys seems to be so comfortable with the group and without Steph – – I think the relationship would go a lot better if she wasn’t so controlling

  3. Emrys doesn’t seem to realize how controlling (of him) Stephanie is.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      No. Unfortunately he doesn’t.

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