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7 3188

#634 A Simmering Offer

And the plot thickens. (Yes. You are all right to dislike Rich. Perhaps that's why he's not on the banner.)

7 thoughts on “#634 A Simmering Offer

  1. This smells worse than fishy.
    Why is Rich trying to push Beth into a better job?
    ….maybe a bait and switch
    Tell her it is 100% guaranteed until after she quits her job, then say ‘Sorry, we don’t need anyone right now’

    1. Don’t quit until the contract is signed would be the usual advice. I’m not sure we know how secure Beth’s employment is currently.

  2. I can’t add much to what I said last page, but you can tell her tenuous disciplinary situation at work right now, and her financial situation, is making her think about it, which is exactly why Rich reeled this suggestion out the way he did. He’s an astute salesman, but has no moral or ethical guidance, which makes him dangerous.

  3. oh there is definitely something in it for him, just don’t know what it is yet – – he is not the type to do anything for free

    1. I suspect it is to put Beth under his thumb. By having her work for his uncle, he can gain control of her employment. “I’ll tell my uncle you’re stealing and you’ll be fired if you don’t do XXX for me”. He clearly takes some pleasure in tormenting Beth in particular.

  4. Is Beth actually starting to consider Rich’s offer in the last panel? I sure hope not! I am convinced it’s a trap.

  5. Rich is beginning to smell like lutefisk that’s been open for too long.

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