6 1486

6 1486

#640 Night Shift


So, due to some personal issues that I've been dealing with this week, there will be a short delay on today's comic. Rather than rush out some crap to post Friday, the next comic will just come out a couple of days late on Monday. This will, however, start a long batch of comics that actually all happen in one night. Lots to reveal. Thanks again. (You can spend the extra days looking some more at Mia...or Mateo's dick. whateves. I'm not judging. )   (Here’s a last minute entry. This comic wasn’t slated on my long list of written comics but I thought I’d slip this one in (just the tip) considering the response Mia got a couple of weeks ago. –Also it now sets up another small storyline down the line.)

6 thoughts on “#640 Night Shift

  1. Mia’s a bit of a cutie.

    1. That’s an understated way of putting it. 😉

  2. I think Mateo may be more interested in Mia than just a quick tumble, which is pretty cool since I don’t think we’ve seen him have any kind of serious relationship yet.

    So many good possibilities on the horizon for these characters, I can just smell it in the air, so to speak. 🙂

  3. very nice, and thanks for the extra strip

  4. Mia is always charming. 🙂

  5. I just finished reading every comic fro beginning to now. Ot’s amazing how your artwork has evolved from a simple cartoonish character look to drawings that show even the smallest of details that you would only expect to see in actual photographs.

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