7 2424

7 2424

#652 Rise

Laying out the comic from scripts I wrote months earlier can be a challenge. I realized I'm putting too many word balloons in a panel and need to let the art (and the pacing) breathe a little more. The small problem is, this normally done-in-one comic today needed extra panels (or I divide it into two comics). I obviously opted for the one longer one, and as a result, I think it turned out better.   Original sketches have been mailed out to the higher end Patreons this week. As always, let me know if you haven't gotten them.

7 thoughts on “#652 Rise

  1. Well, that went about as well as it could? I’m actually surprised she recovered as quickly as she did, but then again, maybe her sexual desperation is greater than her need for control? Regardless, I actually feel a little sorry for Stephanie right now, even if I am guessing her movites correctly. I think Emrys might be surprising her in more ways than one, and now that the first (and most important?) pin has fallen, so to speak, perhaps she’ll start realizing he has other, more important, qualities.

    Alternatively, she’s going to cheat on him and make the situation much, much worse for herself and Emrys, though the fallout will ultimately hurt her more than him, if it goes the direction I’m thinking it might go.

  2. Honestly, this is the one thing that actually makes me sympathetic to Stef. The other dude is far more deliberately manipulative. He is calculating. Stef feels far more mercurial. She manipulates to get what she wants, but she isn’t deliberately malicious. Just selfish. It doesnt mean that her actions arent abusive, but it might be something she can ultimately fix. It just depends on how badly she screws up in the meantime.

    I’m not saying that I want this to detonate and for Emrys and Beth to be together. I mean part of me does, because I think they are better for each other. But maybe, just maybe, Steph can redeem herself. The question is when.

  3. Steph seems redeeable, she can grow. She’s not being deliberately abusive, just self-centered in the moment, and a bit clueless. Rich on the ohter hand is CHOOSING to be an utter douche, and needs to step over an open manhole.

    1. HA! I’d love to see a picture of him stepping into an open manhole, cartoon style, complete with a Wile E. Coyote expression. 😀 😀 😀

  4. “Fine. Whatever. ‘Night…”

    That, right there, was the best thing he could have said to her.
    If she’s ever going to become a decent person, ahe needs to learn that:

    A. Not every guy out there is completely ruled by his dick, and :
    B. Using sex to manipulate people is not a basis fpr a decent relationship.

  5. “It’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

  6. bohemiannightsthecomic

    You are all right!

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