#657 Some Enchanted Evening

I just wanted to say sorry for being late on the Patreon bonus comics. I came back from vacation hitting the 'have to finish by summer' list hard. Small renovations and yard projects...and lots of work at my regular job. But my kids will be spending the next two weeks down in L.A. with grandma so I should have extra time to get caught up soon. Anyway, on with more of the B.N. history.

3 thoughts on “#657 Some Enchanted Evening

  1. Well this oughta be awkward for Emrys…

    No worries about being behind schedule, I know all about that, though usually it’s my own fault for some reason or another. 🙂

  2. This doesn’t make me like Rich any more than I did, but if anyone has a different opinion I would be glad to hear it IF there is a reason given to back up that POV.

  3. So the boy just wants to be pummeled, is that it?
    The more you suffer, the more they know you really care?

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