That’s the problem with games like this or Truth or dare…they always end badly. Especially when drinking is involved.


So I just want to take a moment to give some special shout outs. First off, I really do appreciate every single reader who reads this comic whether they make a comment or just quietly keeps coming back to enjoy the latest episode. Thank you. I do this comic for you. I also appreciate those people who let other people know, be it by word of mouth or social media, about Bohemian Nights.Thank you. Your voice extends my voice.

Today though I especially want to thank my Patreons, past and present. You see, recently my old ‘Bamboo’ drawing tablet, the one I’ve used since the beginning, the one where I had to draw on the pad and watch what I do on screen, yeah that one. It finally died. And I needed a new one. And that’s where the Patreons stepped up. With all of your pledges over the years I’ve been able to save up enough and finally purchase a Wacom Cintiq 16 drawing tablet and stylist -something I’ve been wanting/needing for quite a while. And although it’s taking me a little bit to get used to, it’s been wonderful to have and I can’t wait to paint with it as well as do the comic. (Today’s comic is the first one I used it on). So I want to give a special shout out to all my Patreons. Namely… Kevin McKinney,  Robert Wingrove,  Rob Thompson,  Brett Mount,  Kace, Jeff Kershner, Richard Broome, Christopher Rusche (of Shotgun Shuffle), Gregory Downing, Robert Groseth, Jeff Cohen, Kyle Polkinghorne, VKoop, Daniel Clark, Laurent Poulain, Robert Paul, Isaac Stephens, Guy Masson, Paul Koepf, Chris Sheppard, Mark Harris, Bojan Pavlovic, Wayne Gilcoine, Nicholas Walls, Joe Newmark, Gerald Meadows, Clark Williams and Robert Merkstallinger. Thank you all, Patreons past and present. I’m very grateful for your support.

When I started this over seven years ago I had no idea where this was going to lead me. I still don’t. Not exactly. But you guys have made it possible to continue.

I may not be as big as some of the other web comics, but I have some of the best followers around.