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13 2446

755 Interlude

Bet ya didn't think you'd see her again so soon.  ...even if it's just for one comic. Just setting something up for later. Back to the trip next comic. Things wont remain too heavy for too long.

13 thoughts on “755 Interlude

  1. Part of me wants to think Steph is torn up about Emrys, but that looks a lot more like past trauma

  2. You do an amazing job of showing someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. This story line could be a teaching aid in a Psychology class.

  3. Well, there’s two possibilities as to why Stephanie had the freakout at this point-
    1. She just realized she pregnant (which would parallel with the whole abortion revelation the rest of the ganf)
    2.”Baby Girl” is a trigger word that reminds her of a particularly abusive ex which made her the jealous, clingy woman she turned out to be when her relationship with Emrys took a turn for the worse.

    Really hoping it’s not the former. The latter would explain so much about her, especially since she recognized how slimy Rich was by just looking at him. Not to mention she constantly used sex to win an argument, as if that was the only ace she had.

    I am both happy and sad that my theory about what she would do post-breakup turned out to be spot on. Stephanie really made a huge mistake in isolating Emrys from Beth and the rest of his friends, because now Steph has NO ONE to talk to. Yes, Beth and the girls were pretty judgemental to her at the beginning, but they did seem to give her the benefit of the doubt at Mark’s funeral campout and open a possibility of letting her be a part of their group, and she just didn’t take that olive branch, instead just sexing up Emrys at every opportunity. Steph really needs a girl friend, lest she pulls a Dr. Ava Bekker from “Chicago Med” (Ava’s whole character revolved around her rival-turned-love-interest Dr. Rhodes, and the writers wrote her into a corner because they didn’t know what to do with her after the romance was broken up since she never interacted with anyone else, so they made her nuts and made her kill herself.)

    Don’t make Steph into another Ava!

    1. …I am less concerned ‘Baby Girl’ is an abusive Ex trigger and more concerned it’s an… abusive childhood trigger

  4. Oh noes HER again? I would have preferred the crazy waitress, but whatever. 😉

  5. Did it finally occur to Steph that Emryx treated her with respect, not just a sex object, even when they were having sex? My fear is that Beth and Emrys will just be getting together and Steph will come crawling back and Beth won’t stand up for herself.

    1. I am with you on this one

    2. Beth was able to stand up to Rich, a man she once loved. I see no problem with her standing up to the woman equivalent, since she did see and comment that Steph, while not an intentionally evil manipulator like Rich was, still shows signs of being unable to change her emotionally abusive ways.

  6. I am glad you are showing that Stephanie is Human After All.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpTH2lM3WVU&pp=wgIECgIIAQ%3D%3D This feels quite relevant for today page. I guess.

  8. Oh no. That…that isn’t good.

  9. bohemiannightsthecomic

    For as much as people dislike Stephanie, she certainly captivates a lot of attention from readers. She’s not out of the comic, but we’ll come back to her…

  10. Poor girl. You have a lot of growing up to do, and I’m afraid most of it is going to be very painful. 🙁

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