14 2461

14 2461

#758 The Hours In between

Thank you all for your well wishes. I'm feeling a little better health wise. Now if I can reduce the stress at work....

14 thoughts on “#758 The Hours In between

  1. Well, if Mateo has reserve wheel, this is matter of 20 minutes, if they’re slow. It Is way worse to change wheel at truck.

  2. Even a fancy van can get a flat tire. That’s life.

  3. To let Jeff assist, or not to let Jeff assist – that is the question. *I* wouldn’t, but maybe Mateo would…

    1. It depends on how much time and nerves you have to spend 😀

  4. I saw exact Devon’s car today. Same Mustang Convertible, same blue colour. It just had Slovakian registry sign 🙂

  5. @Gorbi1985, She likes to drive in style! 🙂

  6. An Old Chum™ (chemical engineer at Shell Oil and friend of Carroll Shelby) had GT-350 chassis number 6 with some custom spendion mods. It was a stable-mate of his FIAT-Abarth 750. Now, *that’s style.

    1. [meta] GAH! It seemed fine when I filled in the details below!
      s/spendion/suspension/ as one says in vim.

  7. Wow, you know the situation is bad when even Jeff can’t get more than a three word response. I hope JoJo gets a chance to sleep on it and realize that everyone makes mistakes, and holding a grudge, even if it seems deserved, ultimately only hurts the one holding it. Hang in there lady, you’re not alone, and Shannon never really meant any harm, she just lost control of powerful and conflicting emotions. Better days are coming. 🙂

    1. I´d say Shannon needs a therapist. And he/she will have a metric arse ton of work with her.

  8. Jeff’s fault.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic


  9. Lurkinginthedarkness

    Shannon is looking at years of intense therapy. She always counted on having Mark there as her failsafe, and she screwed that up. Never getting to make up before someone dies is life-altering mindf*ck material. Jojo is going to have the same guilt most women have after an abortion… that’s not something you just get over either.

  10. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Yeah, All of you are right in your observation. Shannon is a bit messed up. Let’s hope she finds the right help to get her through all of this.
    Thanks for all your comments. Love reading them.

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