10 2438

10 2438

784 Poolight Pondering

Man, had it been a crazy week in the world. People outside of the U.S. must think we're a bunch of crazy nuts. I don't blame em. I think we are too. What sad days we are in. And to make matters worse, I thought I had Covid, but it turns out it's just bronchitis. -Never thought I'd be happy to say that! Getting better though. Thanks for all the comments. Sorry I always tend to answer them late, like when I post the next comic. Oh, and the Midnight Edition should be up this weekend.    

10 thoughts on “784 Poolight Pondering

  1. I guess that was not that helpful, Shan.

  2. I gotta say, this kind of stuff is on point. I’ve always been a sucker for relationship drama. But I admit, I want this to work out just because I want to see Beth happy.

  3. My opinion (and I am unanimous in this[0]) is that Emrys and Beth seem to be able to give each other what they need most.

    [0] spot the reference

  4. glad your feeling better and your right the world is a scary place right now

  5. I also am happy to hear you’re OK now Eric. I think Beth should talk with her other friends. The more input she gets, the more self-confidence she’ll acquire.

  6. After hearing Shannon’s conversation with Jeff about Beth’s flirting, I saw this coming. Emrys was there to comfort Shannon and give her the validation she desperately needed, without any ulterior motive other than just being a friend (ok, maybe one ulterior motive- Ghost Mark told him to comfort her) so I see why she would be so Big-sister protective over Emrys, especially after the incident when Beth got so close to having a romantic moment with him, freaked out, and ran off and had a one night stand with some random guy to forget about the moment. That was a pretty defining character moment for Beth, so she really needs to make a final and committed decision on whether she wants Emrys as her boyfriend or not. Because, let me tell you, there are at least TWO women who want him for themselves. (His mom, obviously, but I seriously think Stephanie will come crawling back.)

    BTW, there’s a grammar error in panel 3. “Testing the waters. So to speak he really is a nice boy.” should have a comma after “waters” and a period after “speak.”

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      YES! That moment when Beth got too close and ran for a one night stand is exactly what I wanted to show. Good for you for remembering and spotting it! Now let’s see if she can learn from the past…

  7. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Finally feeling a bit better. Thanks for all the well wishes. 🙂

  8. So, question for milion dollars. Will Beth step up for Emrys in his fight with his mom as Divine Intervention?

  9. “poolight pondering”?
    “Poo light”?

    Need another “L” in their friend, unless she’s basking in the glow of flaming turds of shit on a stick! 😛

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