12 3597

12 3597

796 Accommodations

On a different note, It's high time I threw out a tremendous shout out to my long time friend and artist extraordinaire, Andy Macphee. His artistic talent is jumping leaps and bounds and actually into the realm of real published comics. His latest one is a real home run! Crackerjack Comics by Indellible. He draws, inks and colors about half the stories in this tome. Beautiful, hilarious illustrations that will bring a smile to your face or make you bust out laughing. Grab a copy today HERE! 

12 thoughts on “796 Accommodations

  1. Thank goodness for Beth, is all I can say. ❤

    1. Yep! It appears that she slipped a sneaky through at least one of Geraldine’s emotional fissures. On the other hand, Geraldine may have got even.

  2. I read the two words “creamed sardines” and had to stop everything and go look that up. It is a real thing that I am planning on not ever eating.

    1. Have you ever heard about Surströmming or Hákarl? 😀

    2. There’s always gefilte fish, too.

      1. Lutefisk?

  3. Way to go, Beth!!!!!

  4. Man oh man, I hate it when my money runs out!

  5. Yeah, Andy’s stuff is great.

  6. … and then the gang gets arrested for squatting, leaving Emrys all alone with Geraldine, forever… exactly as planned.

  7. @CoreyC. :)) :)) ;))

  8. Thanks pal!

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