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9 2337

#864 Clearing the Air

Woo Hoo! I'm back! -and one day early! Okay, so I think I'm able to get myself back up to twice a week for the comic. It's been a hard November but I think the worst is over. I'm still looking for something better but I'm really trying hard for something not in customer service, so that will be kind of slow going. I'm still hoping that one day I can do this full time. That's the dream, anyway. But until then, I can assure you I'll be plugging away here. Everyone's outpouring of support has been amazing, and because of that I will find a way to keep this comic going. -Also it's real nice to have the comic in the top 100 in the Top Web Comics list. -Thanks to all of you! Next up is lining up all the bonus stuff coming through Patreon.The Midnight Edition is almost ready and I'm still working on new guest appearances for Patrons as well as figuring out how the doodle art challenge is going to work. Emerald City Comic Con was okay. I did mildly well with the tiny table they gave me hidden in the back. Unfortunately, my friend and con helper had a horrible attack of passing a kidney stone. So much so that we had to go to an urgent care at three in the morning and he was left out of the big Saturday rush. I made the decision to get him back home so I had to leave early Sunday to drive him back to Portland. (For any of you attending Sunday and missed me, I'm very sorry. I would have stayed if I could.) So overall, not as good as I had hoped, but that's how it goes sometimes. See you all next Monday as we continue clearing the air between Emrys and Beth.

9 thoughts on “#864 Clearing the Air

  1. Something deep in my gut tells me Stephanie isn’t quite done screwing with Emrys. Let’s just hope he’s too smart to fall for any of it.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Well yeah, there is that sub plot waiting in the wings….

  2. We wish you a good job hunt, Eric. And I guess we all are happy that you are still able to publish comic regularly. Congratulation to Top 100! I feel sorry for your friend. Kidney stones can hurt as bad as labor 🙁

    1. In Nursing School, one of my middle aged female classmates said on this subject, “I have had both – I would take labor.”
      When asked – Labor hurts, but it comes and goes – kidney stone pain sometimes doesn’t.

    2. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thanks. Trying to get back up to steam here.

    Ok, that is all. Keep being rad.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank You!! I’ll do my best.

  4. Emrys, I’ll add to your bit about freezing up, because I can read between the lines: Beth, you’re beautiful, funny, smart and supportive, among so many other positive traits, which makes you seem larger than life. Sure, you have flaws too, just like everyone else, but they pale in comparison. You can cure those flaws, or at least work on them once you know how, but those things already in your favor? Those will only shine the brighter the more you realize they are true. Flaws and all, you’re a beam of sunlight on a cloudy day when all else fails to cheer me, and that, dear Beth, is worth the risk of being hurt.

    Thank you for doing this flashback, Eric, too many others would have left it all unsaid and it would make the story and characters the poorer for denying them their moment in the spotlight. Take all the time you need, with every character and storyline, to shows everything you want us to know about these wonderful people. 🙂

  5. I don’t resent Beth for having a fling with Robert. The important thing is, she realizes now that that’s all it was.

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