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It seems there are some OS that are unable to see the older comics. Most notably Chrome. I have no idea why that is when just a few short days ago I COULD see them. This is so incredibly frustrating. I’ve reached out for some help again but it’s just me folks and I still got my crappy day job to contend with. I’ll try and get the older comics up and running for everyone but it’s going to take time.

One option is for me to go through ALL the old comics and remove the old comics and re-load them up. This seems to have worked on a few of the comics…but I REALLY don’t want to go through my whole archive to do this. -But I may have to. And of course, this will take a while. UUUGHH!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I’ll try to get everything up and running properly as soon as I can. At least the newer comics are showing up right, so I guess that’s something.


20 8240

877 Hard Knocks

20 thoughts on “877 Hard Knocks

  1. Oh no!

  2. If it helps I tried a few random strips in Vivaldi, which is Chromium based, and they all worked. There is a weird bug, though – the random button on #455 only takes you to #455. I don’t think that’s much of a priority though.

  3. This coitus interruptus thing is giving me hives. I’ve been rooting for Beth and Emrys to do the bouncy for years now.Beth has been on a quest for a good man forever,always coming up with bupkis. Emrys is a good man in spades and apparently with a world-class ding dong, So now, at the penultimate moment the rabid she-wolf is knocking on the door, presumably to announce she is preggers. Geez

  4. I’m going to ask a strange question here. How does Step know where Emrys is living now? As his living situation has changed…

    1. My exact same thought………

    2. My exact same thought………

      1. Ditto, not a strange question at all I guess.

        I just tried some random older pages in Vivaldi (which wasn’t showing them to me last week), and every one I tried worked fine! However, for some reason, the random comic button only gives me a random comic once and then always takes me back to that same one – ??

  5. I feel like this is a fakeout. Because how could Stephanie know where he’s living now. Also, a simple knock at the door shouldn’t trigger that reaction.

    Part of me does feel sympathetic to her after all this time, even though she clearly has huge issues. But I don’t think Step and Emrys should be together. They dont vibe the same way.

    1. > a simple knock at the door shouldn’t trigger that reaction
      Except in this situation Emrys’s adrenaline is probably through the roof …

  6. Our Steph the “Kazišuk” (Fuck Spoiler/Breaker) is on scene 😀 If those are Emrys´ door, I am not surprised by his reaction. Well, I understand it a lot from my own experience. I HATE when someone disturb me when I am about to have sex/wank 🙂

    As Pheobus mentioned, I later imagined, how Steph can know new address of Emrys. So those might be the other door. We have small cliffhanger here 😀

    As Brett wrote about random pages button, it sends me to the same “random” page too. I guess it might be just wrong order. Instead of “random” should be used “randomize”. It looks exactly that. As I remember from my spare time courses of programming in my school times. (Like 20 years ago) Because random generate one random number, but than it always stuck at that one number. While randomize makes random number from random possiblities. I hope it is comprehensible. Random numbers in programming are quite complicated thing.

  7. Oh, geez. I hope Emrys doesn’t allow himself to fall back into a relationship with her. He’s finally got the woman he wants.

  8. While all the rest of you were beabling about this and that, I went out and stocked up on popcorn and barleywine.

  9. What the… how the hell did Steph know where Emrys lived? I knew their paths would cross again, but I figured it would be somewhere public, like a fancy restaurant. To my knowledge Steph still thinks Emrys lives at his old place, and it’s not like she was friends with anyone who knew his current address. The only person she interacted with was Mia, and she was never formally introduced to Emrys.

  10. Not really sure what to say here other than I trust Eric to tell a good story. Whatever happens, I know that I’m going to enjoy where he takes the story. 🙂

    1. See my comment above.

      1. You do seem to have the patience consistent with your handle. 😉

        In my case, I’m running entirely on Eric’s superb track record of not disappointing me with his storytelling, though I confess I’m also home sick so I don’t have the energy to jump on the theory bandwagon. 🙂

  11. Just tried a bit of random with both Chrome and Avast Secure on a Win 7 OS. Chrome keeps sending me to the same page on random, (if I close the browser and start again, I get a different page, then random is glued to that one). If I start to click forwards from that page, I will get 2 or 3 pages ok, then no image.
    On Avast, going random gives me different pages every time but all unviewable.
    Chapter search is similar on Avast, I can see the chapter thumbnails but not access the pages.
    Both browsers will go back to first page just fine and I can view the thumbnails for everything if I go to “all comics” and keep expanding. Actually viewing the comics by clicking the thumbnails is broken.
    I don’t know if this helps any but, more data anyway.

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      I’m having to re-upload the art pages. I think this might work. I’ve done this for the first 65 comics. Are you able to see those on any OS now?

  12. Well, Steph is probably standing in front of Emrys’ old flat. But who is knocking on Emrys? If it is knocking.

  13. I think it’s time for Stephanie to lose the pink streak. It’s getting rather old.

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