10 6776

10 6776

880 High Score

10 thoughts on “880 High Score

  1. How does Dave do it, that he attracts toxic relationships?

  2. @Gorbi1985, I think it has something to do with the high percentage of toxic people in the world. That or I am as unlucky as he is. Haha.

  3. Somehow, I think this will end badly for Dave.

  4. Julie’s been working for the drug squad… and she will even look you in the eye.- the Clash
    Nothing quite like “I hear you’re someone who has drug connections.”

  5. This honestly sounds like she’s going to have the police waiting for him to me.

    1. Nope, unfortunately Katie is actually into drugs like Beth was at her age. Dave isn’t doing her any favors if you ask me, but he likes her and doesn’t have any reservations about procuring illegal substances for a friend, especially when he seems to be interested in her.

  6. This will not end well…

    1. I agree, though perhaps not for all the same reasons.

  7. Wow, she seems,,, great.

  8. I do not get why a girl this obnoxious has conversations that last longer than it takes to invite her to perform an impossible sexual act upon herself.
    She and her friends’ parents failed to spank them enough. Maybe it’s not too late to start?

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