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887 Fallout

14 thoughts on “887 Fallout

  1. Well that seems a bit possessive, even for a little sister.

    1. I think Beth has finally learned from all her “bad girl” mistakes and is trying to be a good, responsible older sister and looking out for Katie so she doesn’t make the same mistakes, but in Katie’s eyes it rings hollow and Beth is a hypocrite for telling her not to do something when she herself did the same thing when she was the same age.

  2. *sigh*

    I wish I could say I expected something different, but honestly I can’t imagine life being any less complicated amongst this group. Good communication is so difficult when your emotions try to hijack your intent, especially when you already have preconceived notions of what someone thinks about you. For better or worse, this can only be repaired with time and patience.

  3. Oh Dave. C’mon man. Let this be an epiphany, a way to start doing better, maybe not encouraging drug habits among 18 year old younger sisters of your friends.
    I’m pulling for Dave but we shall see how this goes. Also, his compatriot better watch himself around the underage freaking skaters. Prior interactions have me leery

    1. I completely agree with you. I think Dave is being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn due to Beth’s reaction, which is unfortunate for him and everyone involved. I recognize the behavior because I’ve done it myself many times in the past, though nothing like what we’re witnessing here, thankfully.

  4. Well, I think this shows behavior between two pairs of siblings. Sean I believe is Dave’s younger brother. I’m rather impressed by Beth, so far at least, she’s kept relatively calm. (No pun intended but it’s OK with me.) 😉

    1. Sean and Dave are just friends from High School. No relation. Sean is Asian too. Or, maybe my drawing didn’t convey that. 😉

  5. Congratulations on being #52 on the Top Comics list, dude! Hop you’re doing better.

  6. Sorry, #38!!!

  7. He’s selling drugs to her little sister, how did he think she’d react?

  8. @Josh, good point. For all Beth knows, Dave just sold her sister some fentanyl, an extremely powerful and deadly drug. And there are other dangerous drugs out there. I hope Beth doesn’t go ballistic over this, that would not help the situation at all, but it would be completely understandable.

  9. That is not the way to unfuck your life, Dave.

    And sometimes those American realities are a bit funny for me. When here in Czech Rep one can drink legally since 18 years of age. And legal sex is even since 15 years of age. Both/all participants must be over 15.

  10. I think Sean is showing a healthy attitude of calm and direction. He’s encouraging an end to a potentially volatile situation. Sometimes the best thing to say or do is just to leave.

  11. @Gorbi, let me introduce you to the A.P.E., the American Puritanical Ethic. Much bigger and more stubborn than any monkey, sadly, we still have it on our collective back.

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