9 9344

9 9344

905 Family

So the winning names for Devon's parents will be a combined effort:  Ted and Betsy! Thank you to those who made some great suggestions. Now I just need to update the cast list....again.

And now a quick health update. It seems whatever I'm doing to reduce my headaches, neckaches and dizziness seems to be helping. So much so that I'm seriously considering trying to get the comic back up to twice a week. But I think I'm going to start slow. So starting next month (September), I'm going to try a posting schedule of twice a week EVERY OTHER WEEK. So that one week there are two comics, the next week just one, then the next week two... you get the idea.  We'll see how that works out and hopefully, eventually I can get the comic back up to twice a week all the time. fingers crossed. 

9 thoughts on “905 Family

  1. The best thing she could do.

  2. Comforting cuddling is important. And change of enviroment too. Way to go, girls.

  3. I wonder if the parents will be seen again. Maybe they will be talking and the father says something like as “God is my witness she will regret her choice.” At which point the Green Man appears and says “God is your witness. But he’s the one who’s sorry. For the both of you.”

    1. I agree with your sentiment as it appears to reflect my own opinion on the matter, you shouldn’t abandon family, but I also recognize how hard it is to change sometimes. Some people refuse and, like you said, it’s their loss even when it impacts others negatively, but we all have that choice to make. I happen to think Devon’s parents made the wrong one and I hope they will eventually realize that their daughter is more important than whatever else there is motivating them to act as they have, but that’s up to Eric and his wonderful storytelling.

      I can’t quote chapter and verse from the Bible, but the one thing I believe, and have always believed, is that Jesus died for our sins out of love. We are already all forgiven, we just have to accept it. Coming from someone who has always wanted to be a good person, making people happy, let me tell you, that’s a lifetime challenge even though I believe it wholeheartedly. It’s not easy to accept truly unconditional love when you know you’re imperfect, but it’s that very love we need to try to accept so we can show it to our fellow human beings. Life is far from perfect, but it’s so much better than the alternative, because where there is life, there is hope.

  4. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Take care of yourself. You’re the only you we’ve got!

  5. @BN, I’m also glad you’re feeling better. Thanks for taking my name suggestion for Mrs. S. 🙂

  6. @Gorbi, “The past is history, the future’s a mystery, so all we really have is today.” 🙂

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic


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