5 7101

5 7101

927 Out of the Fire…

A new Midnight Edition should be out later this week. Continuing with Emrys and Beth on their first night...

5 thoughts on “927 Out of the Fire…

  1. Dave…. You jinxed the getaway……..

  2. “I am at the gate in 5 seconds. And you?” (Czech “Beware of dog” sign)

  3. He’s gonna get hurt protecting her, isn’t he?

  4. OK
    At the first panel shoudl be spLit out. Or you might try to spit that guard to unconciousness 😀

    Just jump at the boards show how fast can you be. And as is said in one meme, I hope you´re “fast as fuck boiiii” 😀

  5. Oh no, they just went from the frying pan into the fire. So to speak,

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