7 7870

7 7870

929 Under Cover

I know I haven't been commenting much on the comments, but I do read each one and appreciate them all. 

They got me working extra hours this time of year and I'm usually so exhausted from creating the next comic and work (and taking care of the kids) I just fall into bed. 

But I wanted to say, as I always feel this time of year, that I am extremely grateful for all the readers I have who keep coming back each week and are so invested in the characters and story. Thank you so much! 

I'll talk more when I have some extra brain cells to spare. 

7 thoughts on “929 Under Cover

  1. XD XD XD

    Well, that BF 7s not that BRAND new 🙂 Otherwise you’re more than correct, Shan 🙂

  2. Crotchless panties. Damn. That Was some good sex.

  3. This excuse was **NOT** very well thought out, was it now?

  4. To quote Jayne Cobb, “I’ll be in my bunk”. 😀

  5. boys. (~_~)

    1. Yes. And? 🙂

  6. Happy holidays to everyone! BN, we readers appreciate your persistence in comic production. It looks like Shan would make a talented detective. That would make an awesome spinoff! 😉

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