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#942 Outside the Rain

Two weeks in the Kickstarter and a little over half funded. I got advertising help to hopefully pull me over the finish line but we'll see. 


6 thoughts on “#942 Outside the Rain

  1. It’s nice to see JoJo still having feelings for Jeff despite some doubts. And why Dave is such obnoxious dick? Also, I suppose sWARE is local slang. I know only sWEAR. It was earlier explained as an archaic version by Mrs McKrakkin, but JoJo is not that old. (No one in known world is older than McK XD)

  2. I think Dave might be in for a rude awakening, since he’s way more into her than she is into him… though if Beth puts her foot down and tries to stop the two of them from seeing each other, that will only make Dave more appealing.

  3. It’s nice to see JoJo! Wait until she finds out what’s going on, I bet she’ll have a good perspective on things. She and Jeff seem to be getting closer, even if he’s not moving their relationship along as quickly as she’d like when she spoke with Annabel. Looking forward to seeing if Katie changed her mind and hoping Dave isn’t headed for a crash and burn, though it seems likely.

  4. I am with Corey on Beth and Katie. I feel like Beth is going to push her further into something she wants out of and the “crash and burn” that comes later will be much worse for both parties.

  5. I second everything Gorbi said And I also like that Jeff stepped away from his lady for a moment to check in with Dave (although I’m glad I don’t have to block that scene; that was a quick transition 🙂 ) You’re a good friend, Jeff.

  6. Annabel and JoJo are real friends, not just coworkers.

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