13 8389

13 8389

948 Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge

Thanks for sending in your life questions for Mrs. McKrakkin. The first one will be on #950. It's usually one Question a post, so If you don't see your question answered right away, know that it's waiting in the wings and will be answered eventually. Feel free to ask away with other questions any time you want to if inspiration hits you.

Formatting the pages of Book 2 for print this week. Should go to the printers by the weekend. 

Have a great week, everyone!


13 thoughts on “948 Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge

  1. Yeah, when there is too much expectation, there might be this problem.

    Also, first panel, there is a new place. TunnLe? Might be some afterparty? 🙂

    Well I love the power of vote. Before vote BN was 6636th in ladder. After vote it is 135. So I pushed BN by 6500 places with just one vote XD

  2. You have a tongue, Jeff.

    1. You guys already know where this is going….

    2. Exactly my first thought!

  3. Well. This is a development. I’ll be curious to see where this goes.
    It’s always gotta be something, it never goes smooth!

  4. Keeping expectations in check allows matters to develop at their own pace.

  5. … Huh. That was not the ending I had figured for Jeff’s first on-panel sex scene. I was kind of expecting more of Emrys’s first time, where he finishes before he even starts.

    Then again, Jeff really has NEVER been very sexual at all, so I guess his junk literally not working is in character. Maybe he and Jojo will have a very chaste relationship like “Carl,” the T-800 from “Terminator: Dark Fate.” According to Carl’s wife, he provides great emotional support and he’s funny. Just like Jeff.

  6. So you got to have a boner to have sex? Never heard of such a thing!

  7. JoJo is excited to talk to Annabel, so obviously this is only a footnote in the story. 🙂
    @Corey C – I’d have to dig through the archives to prove it, but I could swear that Jeff has had at least one happy one night stand much earlier in the story. My recollection was that one of the crew commented on it and Jeff was known for having a way with women, just not like Mateo. There hasn’t really been much focus on Jeff through the comic, so it’s possible he’s had hookups without it being noteworthy.

    1. You’re right. Jeff had one night stand. And as was in author thought in book, it was paid stand.

    2. yup. He did. We will get into more of Jeff’s history very shortly.

  8. Sex is like sleep in a way. The more you try to do it, the longer it takes to do it. (Usually.)

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