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13 7048

#973 Settling the Score

And back on track.

New Midnight edition within a week, as well.


13 thoughts on “#973 Settling the Score

  1. Another life crashing down. Have to see what happens next…

  2. Aaannnddd… The glamorous Junkies Dilemma: “Since the most important thing in life is my next fix… Who do I screw over, hurt, rob, kill to get it?”
    Unless he gets help, Dave is done for, but then again, since he can’t see it for himself (at least not yet, since he’s still functional – sort of), so will continue to believe that he’s actually still in charge of his life. Should be an interesting tale as we watch him try to convince his friends that not only is he perfectly in control of it all… While telling them that his stealing their life savings was their own fault, for not giving it to him in the first place… (ahh junkie logic).

  3. “This doth not bode well.” (Imanewbie)

  4. It’ll be interesting to see what Stephanie thinks of Dave’s drug habit, if she doesn’t already know. If she’s rotten, she’ll leverage his habit to destroy him, but I have no idea what she’s going to do.

    Thanks for keeping things going, Eric! Good or bad, hoping for Dave to recover eventually. 🙂

  5. Since the gang have all but abandoned him, I’m REALLY hoping Steph does a full heel-face turn in seeing Dave’s destructive path and either directly intervene or notifies Emrys or Shannon. If she doesn’t, I see Dave doing something REALLY stupid to get the cash, having it backfire, and having his gravestone set next to Mark’s…

    1. I could see her trying to use helping him as a way back into Emrys’ good graces. She feels like she is that level of manipulative. We will have to see though.

      1. There is SOME good in Stephanie. We’ve seen it a couple times. But right now she’s blinded by rage against Emrys for not only dumping her and rejecting her offer of reconciliation but dating the woman she was suspicious of and spent the latter half of their relationship feuding with. I don’t think her goodness can stand out from the hate unless Dave hits rock bottom and Steph realizes she’s the only one that can help. Push comes to shove, I believe she’ll do the right thing, albeit begrudgingly.

        1. Bohemian Nights

          As always… you’ll just have to see how it all washes out. Hopefully with a surprise or two.

  6. My book two finally arrived. I just wanted to say thank you again Eric. I am sorry shipping my book turned out to be a hassle, but I am so happy it is here. It looks great, and I am very happy I went with Jojo for the inside cover. Keep up the good work, we all love what you do!

    1. Great to hear that it finally arrived. No hassle at all -the blame was on me.
      Glad you liked the JoJo picture. Yeah, I like how it turned out too.

  7. Oh dear, this won’t end well.

    1. I fear me that you are correct

  8. Dave should get himself to an NA or AA meeting ASAP. This is much worse than the usual self-defeating behavior we’ve seen from him so far. Addictions are literally life or death matters.

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