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8 7058

982 Fields of Gold (part 1)

With all the heavy drama going on with the other characters I thought this might be the perfect time to lighten things up a little bit for the holidays.

This has been something I wanted to do since I started this chapter -just a series of brief snapshots in the average week of Emrys and Beth as a new couple. Got one or two more and thought, instead of taking a week off  around the holiday season, I'd do some of these instead. In the end, I think it shows more about these two than a regular comic could. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “982 Fields of Gold (part 1)

  1. Paradise 🙂 But how long will it last?

    1. “… Call someplace Paradise / Kiss it goodbye …” – The Eagles, “The Last Resort”, HOTEL CALIFORNIA

  2. Well, with the rest of the gang having troubles (or rather, two specific members, Devin and Dave) it’s nice seeing that Emrys and Beth are in a happy, healthy relationship that they both deserve.

    So who’s gonna ruin this happy couple’s relationship? Steph tried but failed miserably. Maybe Other Robert from Vegas?

    1. maybe they’ll do it themselves when the shine wears off!

  3. I really like this page… It’s a nice summary of how they are as a couple. Of course, there’s going to be something that’ll give them issues, but if they are so compatible and don’t react like a couple of two year old (as a lot of younger folks seem to do today), skipping the entire communication part of the relationship, then yeah, they’ll break. But so long as they are open and honest with each other, trust each other and let that Love they share carry them on. Yes, I for one am rooting for them to be a couple that actually loves each other enough to ride out the bumps in life and be together for another 40 or so years… (Hey, let me have my romantic daydreams, there are too few stories that end with a happy ever after and with this group, we deserve at least one or two wins!)

    1. exactly and well said

    2. bohemiannightsthecomic

      I agree. Well Said. I really, really enjoy doing these. I’m glad other readers enjoy them too.

  4. Good thing they’re walking Banjo! He needs some exercise! 😉

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