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19 7323

995 No Children

19 thoughts on “995 No Children

  1. Now, this is going down really bad. As I hate to say, it´s high time for cops.

    And Eric, it is pendAnt 🙂

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank you.

  2. Well… This night has really just keeps getting more and more messed up. I feel so sorry for Mateo and the rest since this was supposed to be a good night and a happy send off for him as he gets a shot at his dream. Now it’s turned into such a cluster! Not only do we have uninvited people showing up, but now everyone’s least favorite junkie has gone to assault. This really does require the police and that ’24 hour’ grace should now be 24 seconds… Yes, he was a friend once and those feelings and memories go pretty deep and unfortunately we humans tend to allow those to color our responses to situations like this, it’s time to act. Someone needs to start some sort of corrective action, not just kicking his junkie butt. Plus, the PD can help Beth with the pendant. Side note: Dave hasn’t gone as far down the rabbit hole as he could, Junkies can get so much worse, so there is still hope for him. But first the really hard part needs to be done. People need to separate their happy memories from the individual standing in front of them and act.

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      Very true. Always hard to see a friend fall so far but at some point you just got to cut your ties with them.
      Thank you!

  3. Typical denial-of-responsibility response: “Not a big deal, I just borrowed it, I can get it back – even though I don’t have the money”. I’m surprised Dave didn’t use the “why do you care your daddy’s rich” excuse. But stealing from her and then hitting her? Now he’s heading straight to jail! Stephanie does not strike me as the forgiving kind, she might use her dad’s lawyer to have Dave prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      Yup, Dave is using every excuse in the book except if it’s his fault. We’ll just have to see what the others do now…

  4. Am I supposed to be enjoying this as much as I am?
    I mean, the situations are harsh and tragic, but the reactions are realistic (even if ugly in a couple of cases). I am torn between being amazed and appalled.
    Which probably means that the artist is doing an excellent job, so I’ll go with “amazed.”

    1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank you. Not all stories are nice. Some are indeed ugly, But if done well, they can be entertaining. I always love writing stuff that is hard to go through but always carries with it the element of real life. That’s what this comic is all about – real life -the good and the bad.
      Thank you for enjoying it.

      1. And that is exactly why we love your comic, Eric! (Rhyme semi intended:) )

        1. Bohemiannightsthecomic

          Thank you very much.

  5. It’s time to change, Dave. This miserable existence you are perpetuating needs to be fixed and it can’t come from a pill. Hate to see you end up in jail and get a record, but sometimes that’s the only path to redemption. I wish you the best of luck.

  6. great story arch and I am convinced Mateo will take him out, he is not the type to tolerate someone hitting a woman

    1. That is none of guys there.

  7. Stephanie being the one to get punched was not how I imagined this argument to go down. I was expecting the exact opposite, with Steph punching Dave. (Dave DID punch Steph, right? Or did he take a swing at her and she ducked?) Dave’s actions have now escalated past the point of no return, and now I think Mateo and Jeff need to tackle him while Emrys or Beth call the cops. Hopefully a night or two in jail will finally get Dave to admit that he needs help and doesn’t end up in the grave plot next to Mark.

    I also hope Steph realizes how much of an ass she’s been to basically everyone. She didn’t deserve to get hit or her stuff stolen, but she should have known that the plan to use Dave to make Emrys jealous was the dumbest idea imaginable and, based on how the gang reacted by snorting “good luck with that” to her just up and left them together at the bar, it should’ve been a HUGE red flag that Dave shouldn’t be anywhere near women at the moment.

    I know Steph was created to be an antagonist and I NEVER liked Dave from the moment he seduced Shannon, but I have sympathy for both of them. Steph at least realized why she has been acting this way but her rage against the man who she wants for rejecting her has clouded her judgement, and you confirmed that Dave’s spiral toward self destruction is based on his inner guilt for Mark’s death. Shannon was able to come to grips with her guilt over Mark by talking to Emrys, a guy who had no romantic or sexual feelings toward her and was simply there as her friend. Steph AND Dave need a genuine friend and not a friend with benefits. I just hope Dave in particular can see that.

  8. “I could have told you that it wouldn’t work out…”
    This is just about the sole redeeming line for Dave.

  9. My current worry is that Mateo may try to intervene, & Dave may accidentally ruin Mateo’s future by hurting his hand.

  10. For such a beautiful woman, Stephanie gets incredibly ugly when she makes expressions like that. (I’m not complaining.)

    1. Her inner ugliness was highly visible when she dumped Emrys. So this doesn’t surprise me.

  11. Dave has hit a new low in the last panel. The lizard part of his brain has taken over. That’s never good. No matter how much Stephanie’s words hurt him, there’s never any excuse for violence.

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