Okay, as you can see, kinda taking a breather from the New Year’s Eve story today. Thought you all might like to take a look at the recent painting I did. Over the past week I was inspired to just paint something and Beth, being my fictional muse provided the right amount of encouragement. So much so that I’m starting on another Bohemian Nights portrait. I may do a whole set of the main characters off and on through out the year. Today’s picture was a ton of fun to create, reminding me that I can do other forms of art besides comics.

The story will return Friday with a few more unexpected twists. I got about twenty more comics before the night comes to a full close.

Also, I should have two new pages of Belligerence up on Patreon this Wednesday, including the start of the final chapter of the comic. I would like to finish the comic in time to take a printed version to the conventions this fall.  Fingers crossed.

If you are interested is seeing a short film of the making of the painting above, please visit the Bohemian Nights Facebook page and take a peek.

Thanks again to all my readers, both new and loyal long-time fans, for coming back again and again. You are much appreciated.

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