8 2590

8 2590

Dreaded Deadline Doom

Well folks, this hasn't happened in a while. I've usually been able to keep up the twice a week posting but two factors last week conspired to change that for today. First was home life and work which was exceedingly more hectic last week than usual. The second was that I got my second Covid shot on Thursday and it kind of kicked my ass for three days! So the time that I would have used to create Monday's comic only resulted with it being partially done. I do, however have a nice black and white illustration of Beth I've recently done. I like how it came out a lot so, not wanting to leave the comic empty handed, I've posted it here for today's comic. I'll be back on track by Friday. I promise.


To catch up on the comic, I'll be posting Friday's comic THIS WEDNESDAY! -Giving everyone a longer chance to read that episode and something a little more substantial than just a pin up for five days. Then it's back to the usual Monday/Friday posting next week. Sorry for all the confusion.
  -And the Midnight Edition should arrive for Patreons by the end of the week as well. The Kickstarter had a great first week and it's looking pretty good that it will be funded by the time runs out. Thank you all who have supported it so far. I really appreciate it! And feel free to re-post and spread the word. Let's see this happen!Bohemian Nights: Book One.

8 thoughts on “Dreaded Deadline Doom

  1. Occasional NSFW 😀

  2. You did a nice job on this one. Monochromatic with the spot color. Well done sir.

  3. The pin-up suffices, Eric. For me, it’ll last at least a week. She reminds me even more strongly of someone from late 1963!

  4. Btw Wednesday is great by me. It is dead day comicwise for me.

  5. Nice art! 🙂

  6. Hurray for the 2nd shot!

  7. Amazing pin-up. Now I hope Emrys gets to see this angelic body up close and personal.

  8. She’s really quite stunning. Well done!

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