Okay…okay…I’m almost ready to start the next book.

It’s almost done but it is a two page opener so it’s taking a little longer than I thought. I’m also working on pages 18&19 of the Greenman of Portland Patreon Comic (also a two page splash page spread) that will also be up this weekend. So working furiously to get these done (and…oh yeah…my regular day job which, being a call center I guess is essential? I don’t know.

So with all that going on I thought I’d post the previous page of the Greenman story for today. ( I really like the wild panel layout too and flows really nicely) A reminder, you can read all of these Greenman pages as well as over a hundred others including the very adult Bohemian Nights: Midnight Edition by becoming a Patreon. -But I also know times are VERY tough these days so this is not a hard sell -just a friendly reminder.

Okay -The second half of Summer starts Monday as we go “Runnin’ Down a Dream”