#338 New Year’s Eve – 10:38

Ahhhhhh.... Intermission. And nothing says intermission than a little McKrakkin. (And yes, we're about half way through the night. Told ya this was a long story arc.) Also want to say thanks to all the people who help me out though Patreon. I just thought you might like to know that your contribution does indeed help! (and I promise, I'm not using the money to buy hookers and beer...much.) In fact I just renewed my domain name with the money as well as put some away for future advertising. Thank you!! Also, those of you contributing at the ten dollar or more level, please send in your address so that I can send you out original comic sketches in the monthly sketch drawing.   Patreon Girls click here

2 thoughts on “#338 New Year’s Eve – 10:38

  1. She reminds me of a neighbor my parents had when I was a child. She would come screaming out of her house if she saw us playing with Nerf guns and accuse us of “devil chanting” for playing the name game haha awwh youth.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      I think there’s a McKrakkin lurking in everyone’s childhood. Which explains why a lot of us are kinda messed up.

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