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2 2212

#35 Bring on the Night

I'm really liking the way the characters are drawn these days.  Things are finally falling into place. Next week I'll be updating everyone on my little stint at Rose City Comic Con. So it looks like there is some trouble viewing the comic in iphones and other Mac based browsers. The difficulty stems from the fact that WordPress and ComicPress use Flash to display the comics. But since Mac does not use Flash, the comic portion of this website can no longer be seen. This is very unfortunate.  There are some apps that Mac users can download and use to view Flash based comics. Most notably from this website. I wish there was a better alternative, but it looks like this is it for the time being. This message will be repeated throughout the week as well as on the Bohemian Nights Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “#35 Bring on the Night

  1. I think you got your information wrong. ComicPress does not use flash to display comics.

    It has the ability to allow flash comics, but use it to display the comics? no.

    YOUR problem with this site that it’s not displaying on iphones and mac’s properly is that this is your image:

    2,862px × 10,461px (scaled to 770px × 2,814px)

    You’re not saving at 72dpi and your files are 2mb+ each .. resave your comics at 770px width at 72dpi and you will be fine.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      That’s fantastic news! Thank you!
      To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure about the Flash thing since it was hit and miss with some people, but it was the only option I find.
      Thanks for the information. The next post will be set accordingly.
      -Those out there who could not read it before, let me know if you can now view Monday’s upcoming post.

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