#350 New Year’s Eve – 11:45

Originally the stroke of Midnight was suppose to land on comic #350, but the stories ran a little long. As a result, midnight's comic is arriving four posts later. That's okay. This comic's cliff-hanger does the job just as well. Don't forget, summer is around the corner. Summer and beer go together like beer and summer. And what better way to drink beer than with a kick-ass drinking game. Grab your Drinker's Hell NOW!   (you can also visit the Drinker's Hell Facebook page HERE) mysterio

4 thoughts on “#350 New Year’s Eve – 11:45

  1. I really hope he’s not too mad. Shit happens and she clearly just made a choice.

  2. I dunno if you know, but both your links point to the Facebook page – I suspect the first one should go to http://bohemiannights.storenvy.com/products/5150744-drinkers-hell ?

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thanks for the heads up. Link has been fixed.

  3. Can Mysterio breathe?!?

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