After all the heaviness of the Mark/Shannon/Dave blow-out, I think it’s time for a little lightening up.

First off, many years ago I went to a party and saw someone so drunk that he threw up on himself and afterwards smeared it on himself completely oblivious as to what it was or where it came from. That image has been burned in my brain ever since (and now… yours too.)

Also like to give a big shout out to the two guest cameos in this comic: Steve and Jared of ‘The Morning Plunge’. If you haven’t discovered them, I strongly suggest you peruse through their YouTube video library HERE!. Their videos are funny and entertaining and very much geared towards this twenty-something audience of drinking and debauchery. -And they are an awesome couple of bros, some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at the conventions. (…and I’m not just saying all this because they played my Drinker’s Hell on one of their videos). Check them out! Subscribe to them! You won’t be sorry. 

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