#397 Giving the Finger

Convention update

Eucon was great. I met a lot of really nice people there and did very well with the comics and Drinker's Hell (and drank just a bit too much at the after show parties as my friend and convention minion Matt will confirm. btw, thanks Matt). But it's been a LONNNNG and exhausting three days and I was already running a bit behind schedule with the comics even before this weekend (something to do with some election or something like that). The short answer is I may have to be late with my next episode here. ---Like this Friday. Something I usually don't like to do. I hope all my long time readers will understand. And as for all my new readers I met at the show, I see you're already going through the large volume of archival comics I have so that should keep you nice and busy until I post again later this week. In any case, I'll try not  to make a habit out of it.

img_0137 And lastly,  I did find some interesting new products on sale I wasn't aware were even available.... mckrakkin-fleshlight       Save

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  1. OK then!

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