#398 The End is the Beginning

Thanks for letting me take a couple of days to get my self caught up with the comic. (especially since episode 400 is double sized) I tell you, with all the stuff going on in the world, it is very nice to escape to a simple love story like Devon and Annabel.
I also want to thank everyone I met at Eucon this past weekend. The response was on the comic was great, especially one person who told me how much he enjoys the comic and the artwork for the simple reason that it is unique. -That it's not like all the other cookie cutter art out there. That really felt good to hear. Especially coming from an 'old school', more traditional view of comic art. So thank you! And thank all of you out there that keep coming back to read and enjoy the comic. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below as well.
Finally, I have some 1st issues of Belligerence to be mailing out to Patreons very soon. They should be mailed out some time next week (either right before or right after Thanksgiving). So you can look forward to an early Christmas gift in the mail.
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  1. Scotch will do that every time.

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