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3 1704

#432 Anaconda!

3 thoughts on “#432 Anaconda!

  1. HA! I’ll wager that Emrys starts getting a little more attention from the gals than he used to, though I’m not going to put money on Beth changing her mind…yet. 😉

    P.S. Just found the comic a few days ago and have been plowing (no pun intended…HA!) through the archive. The art has definitely improved considerably since the beginning (it’s always interesting to see the progression when I find a new comic), but the writing (aside from a few typos) has always be solidly entertaining and or thoughtful. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the current story threads run, especially Mark’s, because he’s in real dire straits right now and needs people looking out for him before something goes horribly wrong.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read all the comics. And even more so to leave a comment. It gives me a lot of joy to hear from other people. It really is what fuels me to keep going.
      I think you hit both story points right on the head (no pun intended). When word of Emrys’ ‘bonus’ gets out, I think it will only help his chances. But yes, Beth, at this time, is still an unknown quantity.
      And yes, Mark is in trouble. You have every right to worry about him. I’ll get back to his story very soon.

      1. You’re welcome! I always try to comment at least once when I start reading a comic that is new to me, particularly if it is still active, though it rather depends upon what setup they’re using (sometimes there’s no obvious means to do so), but this format is familiar. I figure it’s [literally] the least I can do to thank the owner. 😉

        Believe it or not, you seem to be in the same spot as most of the comic creators that I’ve come across. A few of them, after a long time cartooning (10+ years usually), were able to stop the day job and work on just their comic(s), but not too many are break-out successes like Penny Arcade, especially if they are a long story format comic/graphic novel. Granted, Penny Arcade has been running for something like 20 years now, but it’s hard to argue against them having adeptly monetizing their work. That being said, there are plenty of cartoonists who are “getting by” or better as self-employed comic creators, “Schlock Mercenary” (Howard Tayler), “Evil, Inc.” (Brad Guigar), or “Sheldon” (Dave Kellett), just to name a few that I know and read regularly, but all of them are veterans of the medium that have only relatively recently (within the last few years) made a living at it, and even then they might have other sources of income (like a spouse’s job).

        I guess what I’m try to say is, keep up the good work, because eventually your efforts will payoff. Until then, thank you for sharing your creative vision with us poor nubs who are too chicken to take the step you’ve taken, or who are just happy consumers of your fun. 🙂

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