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3 1868

#433 Sweet Dreams are Made of These

That's not a tent...that's a Winnebago. Just a quick note for all you new readers, I got a couple of comic parodys at the ol Bohemian Nights store you may want to check out.                     Also, if you like drinking games, you can't do much better than Drinker's Hell. Designed, illustrated and play tested for over twenty years by yours truly. And do you want Bohemian Nights to go three times a week? (I know Emrys wishes he could). Visit my Patreon page. Each patron is a step closer to leaving my craptastic job and doing this full time. (Oh, and there's the Top WebComics vote button to the right. If you like what you see, press that button and often) Thank you. Cheers! Save

3 thoughts on “#433 Sweet Dreams are Made of These

  1. Egad, man! Be careful with that thing! You’ll put somebody’s eye out!


    P.S. I hate Emrys now. HA! 😉

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Haha! When word gets out, there may be quite a few who just don’t measure up.

  2. But he has such tiny hands!

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