6 2480

6 2480

#508 The Luckiest

As always, Emrys has great timing....

6 thoughts on “#508 The Luckiest

  1. Happy, happy, joy, joy! I am minded of a lass that told me after dating a time that I was the only guy she had never cheated on, as if that was something I should feel good about?
    Still looking for the reset button in this video game.

  2. Yeah, there’s a reason they say patience is a virtue. Now you’re sorry you asked, aren’t you? 😉

  3. I have a bad feeling about this. Stephanie could be someone who enjoys playing power games. She could be just stringing Emrys along, enjoying her manipulation of his feelings. Unfortunately, there are people of both genders who play games like that.

  4. First, TMI. Second, Emrys can come back with something like, “I see. Well, if we ever get to that point, I’m sure it wile be mind-blowing – at least for me, since you’ll have so much to teach me.”
    I don’t know why I stopped here in my slog through the archive to say this, but the characters seem very real to me. It’s interesting to see that millennials, Gen-Xers and us Baby Boomers seem to have the same stuff going on in our lives. Damn good writing, Eric! (And beautiful art, too!)

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      wow. thanks for the kind words. I’m very glad you’re enjoying the comic.

  5. Do you know the difference between a bitch and a slut?

    A slut will sleep with anyone.

    A bitch will sleep with anyone BUT YOU.

    I’m getting really bad vibes off this girl…

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