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#534 Everybody Knows

It's been a long, hard week, but I'm still on track with the comic. I even have another NSFW Patreon comic up right now. It may be the morning after here, but you can still catch a few more glimpses of the monumental night before.

3 thoughts on “#534 Everybody Knows

  1. That’s okay, Emrys, soon you’ll be working at the ad agency and no one will know who you are or what you’ve been up to the night before. 😉

    You aren’t kidding about the hard week! Sheesh! I loathe overtime. 😛

  2. bohemiannightsthecomic

    It’s…like you’re reading my mind… with the story…

    -Yeah over time sucks. Mandatory overtime sucks more. Surprise sales that they aren’t prepared for sucks even more. 😉

    1. Just consider it a nod to your excellent writing. 🙂 If that answer isn’t satisfying enough, just know that I’ve read a fair number of stories and seen a fair number of movies/TV shows over the years, so I’ve seen a lot that I can compare to, even though your story is unique. 🙂

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