Deflectors #3 has arrived and ready to snap up. Come grab it at the store front. It is, in my humble opinion, the best one yet. Andy Macphee out did himself on the artwork. It is truly something to see. But don’t take my word for it. Grab a copy today. Or buy all four Bohemian Comics for the price of three for just $15!

Or you can pick up a copy in person at Jet City Comic Con November 3-4 where both myself and Andy will be promoting the comics. Patreons of $5 or more will be getting their copies in the mail in the next week or so.

I only got two more conventions this year and that’s it….for a long time. I will not be doing ANY conventions next year, or maybe even the year after. Some financial hardships of late have made me look carefully at all the conventions I’ve been doing and I’m afraid its time to cut back. I’m not going to say I won’t ever do any more conventions but it may be a few years before I do. So if you want to see me at one, you got two more chances:

Jet City Comic Con in Tacoma WA Nov. 3-4

and Eucon Comic Con in Eugene OR Nov 10-11. (back to back weekends…yikes!)