11 1962

11 1962

#609 Slip-n-Slide

Happy Valentines day.

11 thoughts on “#609 Slip-n-Slide

  1. That second last panel is the stuff of nightmares! (In a good way.)

  2. I get the feeling that this bitch is gonna try to baby-trap Emrys.

    1. Baby trap? For what? Emrys doesnt have money or status. Any success he has is potential and nothing else.

      While I don’t understand her game entirely, it feels certain to me that she feels the need to control him for personal, psychological reasons. She wants to be everything to him. Sex is just an easy way of doing that. Particularly for Emrys.

      1. Emeys has LOTS of potential, is emotionally and sexually inexperienced, and easily led by his cock…

        So she would trap him with a kid, then use sex and guilt to mold him into a good earner/slave.

  3. she may very well be satisfying one of his basic needs, but I still have my reservations

  4. Ok, A) I feel that if she wanted to baby trap Emrys, she wouldn’t have waited as long as she did. No condoms can feel as good for the girl as for the guy, and with Steph’s range of experience, she definitely knows how good it feels.

    B) I enjoyed the Slip and Slide panel. Have to give you Props as drawing a caricature of a person that doesn’t is, I have been told, not the easiest thing to accomplish.

    C) Come on people! First Canon (non Patreon) of Steph topless! Boobs! THat should at least get a comment or at least a “Dang!”

    They are Dang worthy

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Thank you. That was a fun panel to do. -Surprised myself.
      (Also… not the first time we’ve seen Steph naked in the regular comic. (Emrys’ first time 525-532) -and it won’t be the last. 😉

  5. ***Doesn’t Exist. Damn Autocorrect

  6. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Wow. Lots of speculation on Stephenie’s motives.
    So…I’m just going to keep my mouth shut and let the comic unravel the story in its own time.

    1. Good!
      No spoilers!

  7. I had to admit, I’m not sure how to process this one, but I’ve got to admit, Emrys is a lucky guy at this moment for sure. 😉

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