8 1874

8 1874

#626 I Wish to Make a Complaint

8 thoughts on “#626 I Wish to Make a Complaint

  1. Sadly? This is an honest tactic for customers that want to get a comped meal.

    They can’t use it more than once every few months, but in a big enough town, they get to eat free quite a bit

  2. Yea, and everything would have been fine if Beth had not of reacted the way she did I am sure. We will just have to see.

  3. Got to think the “that’s a fucking lie” part isn’t going to help.

  4. bohemiannightsthecomic

    Yeah, Beth unfortunately is a bit of a hot head at times. She did kind of make it a little worse, but haven’t we all said or done things we regret right afterwards? I love writing these characters cos they are human…faults and all.

  5. Once again, Beth’s temper is getting the better of her. I hope she finds a better job.

  6. I don’t see that as a fault of Beth’s.

    It’s a feature.

    1. I second that observation! 🙂

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