6 1620

6 1620

#627 Punishments and Payouts

6 thoughts on “#627 Punishments and Payouts

  1. The plot sickens. We lose Mark and get this scuz? What a cruddy trade

  2. wow, somebody I like less than Stephanie – – must be some really bad history with those two

  3. Knew that dickhead was behind this. Knew it.

  4. Aha, so this was really Rich’s revenge for Beth hitting him at Mark’s funeral. He knows Beth has a short fuse. I thought he was sleazy, now I know he is.

  5. Okay, there’s no justification for this behavior, no matter what Beth has done in the past. Shame on you, douchebro, or whatever the kids call your ilk these days. Not that you even know what the word shame means…

    Can we have another “accidental” police shooting for this guy?

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic


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