11 2074

11 2074

#673 The Road Less Traveled

11 thoughts on “#673 The Road Less Traveled

  1. she so needs to be dumped

  2. Emrys sure doesn’t look happy.

  3. Downton Abby/Orange is the New Black mashup… Ugh. Really?

  4. Stephanie got what she wanted. She doesn’t seem any happier about it. Makes one wonder what she actually wanta, because it can’t simply be ‘make Emrys unhappy’, can it?

  5. I think she simply wants total control and he really needs to escape cause its only gonna get worse I have seen way to many people. both men and women fall into this trap

  6. Oh, for…yeah, you know the rest of that line. This is absurd. How is this spending quality time together? It seems as though it doesn’t matter what they do, so long as Emrys is isolated from the whole world and under her thumb. Apparently her idea of a boyfriend is something she can use when she wants it and put it back in the shelf when she’s done with it.

    The better part of me says I should be forgive Stephanie for being so fearful and self-centered, hoping that she will change for the better, but the rest of me wants to kick her to the curb.

  7. Borderline Personality Disorder

  8. I agree Stephanie is pretty controlling, but Emrys needs to put his foot down too and not be such a doormat. Although I can see how he might be this way given this is his first real relationship and doesn’t want to rock the boat. I have a feeling when it ends, it will end ugly.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Yeah, Emrys has his flaws in this relationship too. It’s never just one person’s fault alone.

  9. This is becoming a big “hate on the girlfriend” thing. This is a caustic relationship, yes. I agree. But there is something we don’t know here. Stephanie’s story. This comic has done a good job so far at showing us all sides of the story from each characters’ perspective, given time that is. I also did not like a lot of the characters going into this comic until I was given a chance to see everyone’s back story. Maybe Stephanie will be the same? Maybe not? I do not think this will end well for the unhappy couple, but I hope in the end that they will find a separation based in mutual understanding and respect. Coins do not have one side.

    1. bohemiannightsthecomic

      Very true. While most everyone has divulged their background, Stephanie has only hinted bits and pieces. The reader usually knows the background of a character when the character themselves tell it. In fact, it’s a good bet that even Emrys really doesn’t know much about Stephanie. She keeps her past pretty close to the vest. Not opening up is one of the reasons the relationship between the two of them isn’t working too well. It’s a good bet we’ll know more about her soon but will it happen soon enough?

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