9 2231

9 2231

#682 Here Today…


9 thoughts on “#682 Here Today…

  1. And don’t forget the TPS Report!

  2. There’s a karmic message for Emrys – life is too short to spend it at a soul sucking job, get out!

  3. I’m with Ed on this one, it’s time for a change, Emrys. Sure the paycheck might be nice, but two minutes late? That’s for chumps.

  4. Quit now Emrys!

    Don’t even clock in, just walk away!

  5. Welcome to the world of corporate employee 🙂 And be glad you were called by name and not by personal number 😀

  6. This shows capitalism in its essence. Brutal.

  7. That’s not capitalism… that’s an asshole supervisor on a power trip. They exist in every system, in every organization, regardless of politics or economic theory. Soul crushing jobs are a fact of life, period.

    1. I heartily agree with you, Allen. Asshole boss syndrome is a problem that far pre-dates the free market economy (capitalism, if you use Marx’s terminology), it’s as old as humanity itself, even if office life isn’t. Humans do human things, no matter the system or the time period they exist in.

  8. Agree with Allen. Get stuck with an asshole supervisor in a communist system, and you’re really screwed – you can’t quit.

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