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15 2213

#683 …Gone Tomorrow


15 thoughts on “#683 …Gone Tomorrow

  1. Good on you! Way to go Emrys… but what are you going to do now?

  2. Go home and get laid one last time!

  3. Good for Emrys. Worst case, go find another convenience store gig to cover the bills. It’s not like the paycheck at this job was that great – straight commission from selling crap on the phone, I don’t see Emrys’s personality being suited for it. I wouldn’t be either.

  4. Emrys has the perfect tie for this momentous occasion.

  5. Not the way I would want to depart from a job, professionally speaking, but I can’t deny that I agree with his emotional response. If your employer thinks that poorly of it’s employees then there’s no motivation to continue to work for them, even if finding a new job is tough. I would have tried to find a new job first (nobody wants to be homeless and hungry), but i can sympathize with his situation.

    1. Having been in Emrys’ situation before, I can tell you that sometimes this is absolutely the ONLY correct course of action.

      1. bohemiannightsthecomic

        Although I wouldn’t want to make a habit of it, I think everyone should quit a job like this at least once in their lives. -I’ve been fortunate to have done it twice, and both times I got a better job within days. The universe has a way of rewarding the bold.

        1. I’ve been working since 1987.
          I’ve done this three times.

          I’ve quit when I was told I had to choose between family and my job.

          I quit when I got tired of being treated like a piece of equipment.

          I walked out after being personally insulted by my employer.

          I had a low paying, tedious, soul-sucking job much like Emrys’ as well.

          That one required some planning, but I left it as well to pursue a better life. A coworker died a week before I gave notice.

          A person’s dignity and quality of life are more important than any employer.

          Your job is NOT your Life!

    2. I always find it interesting that we speak of “professional” behavior on behalf of those being exploited…not how “unprofessional” and dehumanizing their bosses act, treating people without dignity or respect.

      1. Let me clarify: I’m not conding the actions of Emry’s boss, I’m just saying that burning bridges can have a lasting impact and it’s better not to jump ship before you have a lifeboat waiting. Sometimes that’s not feasible or tolerable.

        I’m not criticzing Emrys for impulsive behavior, merely hoping that it doesn’t hurt his chances finding new employment in the future. As for his employer, they will either continue with their bad business practices and suffer low employee morale and turnover, but continue somehow to be profitable, or they won’t and eventually change or go out of business.

  6. Human beings can only take so much abuse before reacting to it. I hope Emrys finds a decent place to work.

  7. Now that is what can be called Rage Quit 😀

  8. been there done that, not always the smartest thing to do, specially in this day and age, but boy is there a lot of satisfaction and though I did put myself in a bad situation once, I have no regrets

  9. I can hear strains from Johnny Paycheck’s 1977 song . . . ” … and shove it !”

  10. Just leave the job off of your Linked-In profile and resume and… …it never existed….

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