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7 2651

687 Lifting up the Rock

uh oh. Shit's going down.

7 thoughts on “687 Lifting up the Rock

  1. “Hallo? Here is Mr. Pie and it is not going to be as sweet call as you might think.” (One displeased customer calling his insurance company)

  2. time to stand up for yourself Emyrs, she may not see herself as controlling but you really need to get away if your gonna have any life besides what she wants cause her game is intimidation

  3. the string of lights as the border between frames is very cute!

  4. Don’t ask for things you don’t want to hear, Stephanie. Unless Ermys caves in or she relents, I don’t see this relationship surviving the next few pages.

  5. Come on Emrys!

    Don’t back down! Tell her how you feel, then dump the bitch!

  6. “I’m not a controlling maniac, I’m just trying to help you develop yourself.”
    I wonder how often that line has been used to dupe and manipulate. Emrys was already developing before he met Pink Streak. He left his family, moved to another state, and got a new job and friends. Good for him! Now he just needs to get rid of PS, the sooner the better.

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