9 3031

9 3031

686 Another Brick in the Wall

So here's the Patreon bonus comic schedule - The Midnight Edition will be made available the first weekend of the month and the Greenman will be made available the third week of the month. This will help to stagger them out. So you can expect a Midnight Edition sometime this weekend.  

9 thoughts on “686 Another Brick in the Wall

  1. And how much Steph care about your happines, Emrys?

  2. Great comments on the last page and I think they carry over to this one pretty well too, because although she had the courtesy of asking him what he wants to do, she isn’t showing any signs of supporting him. Let’s see if this turns into another Stephitantrum or if she perhaps shows signs of growth and perhaps introduces him to her rich daddy. 😉

    1. Mind you, I’m not saying that running to daddy is a mature thing to do, just that it would show she might actually have feelings for Emrys deeper than just sex.

  3. How about marijuana salesman? That’s certainly a growing field.

    1. Isn’t that retail?

  4. Grace, 🙂
    (It’s high time that Emrys got a job which won’t go up in smoke.)

  5. “…But I’ll be happier.”

    And THAT is the most important thing to consider in life.

  6. “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” – John Lennon
    The pursuit of happiness is the way life goes for most people, I believe. Just watch out for bumps in the road. (You may also have to take detours.) 🙂

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