5 1049

5 1049

713 Circling the Wagons

Well folks. This is strange times. Circling the wagons indeed. I hope everyone is well and I hope everyone can weather this storm out. My work is still going but just barely. My wife, thankfully, can work from home. But there is a lot of uncertainty in the air. So I hope you all don't get too stressed out. Fear is the real killer out there. I hope I can at least provide a few minutes of distraction in your lives and maybe put a smile on your face. I know, it isn't much in the grand scheme of things. But I hope you all take good care of yourself mentally as well as physically. I'll keep going with the BN gang.

5 thoughts on “713 Circling the Wagons

  1. Thx for keeping going thru the interesting times!

    I hope this story twist isn’t drawn out for too long, you keep us hanging worse than a telenovella!

  2. Beth is just what Emrys’ doctor ordered. May she convince him so vigorously to stay that he won’t be able to do more than twitch for several days.

  3. doctor umbrellaman

    i think she is going to cali with him, they both need a change of life and a trip down south may help them both

  4. Is Beth thinking about moving Emrys to her room?

  5. So Beth has a magic nose!!! Who knew??? :))
    (Eric, thanks for keeping up this strip. It’s such good comic relief.) 🙂

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