Okay. I’m going to level with you. This week has been pretty awful.

Not only has my day job been the worst it’s ever been with a new operating system going into effect that doesn’t work for shit, my health has suffered due to stress. But wait…there’s more. I live in Portland where we now have hazardous air quality due to the fires going on just miles away. And school starts next week for my kids. Yup. 2020, the year that keeps on giving.

So what I’m trying to say is I’m working on the recent comics but as of this moment, I’m not sure if Monday’s comic will be out on time. It may. It may not. we’ll see. There may be a gap here and there in the next couple of weeks. Or maybe not. Just letting everyone know so you ain’t surprised.

I’m hoping not. Mostly because I want to get to the good stuff in this storyline which would normally fall in about a month or so.